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Javelina Jundred '09

JR - look who I bumped into in the market parking lot...

Tent City

The main aid station tent

Sign in

Donn and Mieko

Dennis helping Jan collect her participation running bag

Hwa Ja, Mark and Mieko

Maria and JR

Leigh and George

Wilson, Diana and Joe

The awards table

Decorating for Halloween

Halloween fun for the entire family

Marc and Tanya at the pasta feed

Ex-RD Geri

Pat also worships carbohydrates

A very important job...

Sunset at the pasta feed

It's getting chilly in the desert

Linda and Randy

Jimmy and Kate

Summer and Carl

Mieko as "The Godess" on race morning

The long legs of the law

Jan the "Cereal Killer" and Dennis


Mark and Marisa