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Muir Woods Marathon

Stinson Beach

Run or Swim? That is the question...

Sign in tent before the big crowd gets there

Sign in tent after the big crowd gets there

Leasurley stroll down to the beach

Leaving Camp Alice Eastwood

On the Dipsea Trail early in the race

It's dark in the canyon

Cllimbing the stairs on the appropriately named Steep Revine Trail

First aid station at Pantol Ranger Station

Great view from Old Mine Trail

Flowers in bloom on the Matt Davis trail

Junction with the Coastal trail. Marathoners do a 10 mile out-n-back to the right.

Moss on everything

Old rusted car near the trail

This car was pushed over the cliff from the road on the ridge about 100 feet above the trail.

Coming up on the Turnaround aid station

At the Turnaround aid station

The underwelming turnaround