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Mt Baldy Run-to-the-Top

Foothill Flyers Nancy, Bill, John and Brett

Foothill Flyers Persidenta Karen

On On

Ben, Herv and Chevy SSR

Simon, Janiffer and ?

Adaberto - "El Flako"

Flyers Karen, Robert and Maria

Mark, Mieko and ?



Maria and Karen on the way up to San Antiono Falls

Happy hikers

Pat and Brian at the Notch

Looking down at the Mojave desert from above the Notch

Closeup of the Mojave desert

Looking down San Antonio canyon at Mt Baldy road and Los Angeles

Aid Station #3 - Just before the last pitch

Starting up the Devil's Backbone

It's steep

Looking down the Devil's Backbone at Aid Station #3

Heading up the Devil's Backbone toward Mt Harwood

Traffic Jam

Slow going

John skirting Mt Harwood with Mt Baldy summit in the distance

Looking back the way we came

The start of the climb up to the summit

Search and Rescue lends a hand

Looking down at the Mojave desert