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Mt Baldy Run-to-the-Top

Looking back at Mt Harwood

Robert stopping to take my picture

Simon, Jannifer and Diana - Three Medalist

We can play around now that it's over

Diana looking happy

"I've got a cool shirt -"

"- See"

It just keeps getting steeper...

Amost there

Laura's brother, Nancy and Brett on the summit

Station Fire as seen from Mt Baldy summit

Fire near Cogswell dan on the left

Mt Waterman burning in the enter

The Lime Green Running Machine

Mike at the summit

Mike really likes this run

Fire down by Cogswell dam

Plume from the Station Fire

Arturo - another AC orphan

John and Bill - ultra legends

Ben on the summit

Sitting on the edge

Looking toward North Baldy and Wrightwood - Station Fire plume in the distance

Brian arrives on top

Me enjoying the view and the wind at the finish line

Looking down toward Los Angeles

Mt Baldy summit

Crossing the finish line with the Mojave desert and Mt San Gorgornio in the distance

Maria is determined to finish

Maria says "Hi"