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Western States 100

Sacramento International Airport bagage claim - trying to save money on building materials

Sacramento International Airport bagage claim - note the golf clubs in upper left

Unique facilities at Sacramento International Airport

Hwa Ja and Dave in our condo at Squaw Valley Lodge

View of lobby entracne at Squaw Valley Lodge from our condo

Hwa Ja and kitchen in our Squaw Valley Lodge condo

Cable car lines above our building at Squaw Valley Lodge

Lining up for check-in

Dave and Hwa Ja at check-in

Hwa Ja getting her blood pressure checked - "I am so excited"

Looking down at the start area

Ski-boot wind chime

Hwa Ja taking one last walk before the race

Looking down on Squaw Valley Lodge

Happy runner and crew at check-in

Jimmy "Dean" Freeman

Drop Bag drop off

It's 4:00 o'clock in the morning - do you know where the start line is?

It's almost time

They're off - this is what 399 happy runners look like

Disapearing into the darkness

Laurie Singer coming into Robinson Flat check point

Kilt Man at Robinson Flat

Foresthill check point (circus?)

Runner making the final turn before the finish (Placer High School)

The Finish Line

Tent city

Runner heading into the finish

This is what a foot bath looks like after 238 runners clean their feet