Calico 50k - 2010

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Looking back up at the turn onto Calico Peak Road

Marie catching up to me on Calico Peak Road

The steep climb up Calico Peak Road in the distance

Looking back down the route

Approaching the steep climb up Calico Peak Road

Looking back down into Hidden Valley

Looking up at the crest

Looking back at runners on runners on the steep climb up Calico Peak Road

Starting down the far side from the crest

Still going North away from the finish line

Finally turning South

Looking back up at Calico Peak

Burro's Secret Aid Station (#5)

Furry volunteer at Burro's Secret Aid Station (#5)

The second 50k/30k split

Marie starting down Odessa Ridge

George and Georgina running down Odessa Ridge

Looking at colors and old mining caves in Odessa Canyon