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Kepler Launch

Good Luck Peanuts

Nora - Ground Data Systems and Catering

Val - Dawn Project Secretary

Prem & Roby all organized

Dimitri relaxing before the storm

Mark (OD) setting up for the launch support OD

Whats left of the food after the Navigators get done with it...

Roby (Mission Design Manager)

KJ (Data Interface)

Ted (Software Support)

Dimitri (System Management)

Theresa (Data Conditioning)

Prem (Kepler Nav Team Chief)

Ian (Software Development and Operations Test Conductor)

Vic - Dropping in to watch the launch

Blaise (System Management)

George (Optical Tracking and Space Command Interface)

We are getting excited

Tim (OD)

Stacy - Section Management support (alumni) and candy bag lady

We Have Liftoff...

Ted - another launch groupie

Mark - getting some sleep before the first tracking data comes in

Al - Section Management Support

Scott - Software Support and world class bicycle rider

Dolan (OD)

Wilson (Data Conditioning)

Katherine (System Management)

Han (OD)