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Phoenix EDL

Christine - Phoenix Project Secretary

Ted Drain - Lead Monte Developer !!!

Wilson - RMDC

Nora Mainland - Ground Data Everything

Maria - SEQ - Most Appropriate First Name for a JPL Employee

Joe Guinn - Mission Manager

Joe - Monte Support

Scott - Monte Support

Julie (?) - Project Detailee


Rick - Mr. PVDRIVE

Rob and Eric

Rob and Eric

Waiting for Landing in the big conference room

Maneuver analyst with nothing to do anymore...

The big conference room with the VIP Dog & Pony show next door in the MER Conference room

Gerhard in Denver

VIP's watching the show

Who ate all the ice cream in the freezer?

Touchdown - Mark, Gene, Eunice and Eric

Amy, Ted, Bill, Scott, Al and Tim

Tim and Shyam (the Evil Twins) in the center with Scott and Al on the left

They finally let the navigator into the big MSA

Mark, Mark, Gene, Lynn, Eunice, Tim, Eric and Brian

Project Manager Berry relieved after landing

We landed where?

People in the JPL MSA watching people in the Surface Ops MSA watching the first pictures come in