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Phoenix EDL

Now we can see the first pictures

Pictures from Mars !!!

Maria and Nora


Martha? (?)and ? (Quality Assurance)

Karen - Feels so good after MPL

Karen and Nora

Behzad in the MSA

Brian looks relieved


Boris - The Ancillary Man

Brian showing project management where we are

Richard (EDL - The Voice of Phoenix) & Marla (Ground Data Systems)

The Surface of Mars


Fuk explaining whats going on

Behzad - So Proud

A raw picture

Bezhad shows off his NASA tatoo

Phoenix model at the Press Display Tent

There be wild animals on Lab

The First Press Conference

Gene, Behzad, Ted, Eunice, Brian and Rob at the first press conference

Sumita and Rob processing the relay data

Gerhard in person - home from the blizzard

Kathleene - waged daily contract battle with the evil giant - my next-cube neighbor

Brian on TV

Ken - Mission Design Manager