Phoenix TCM-5

Mike Lisano (Project EDL) with Lasagna

Tomas Martin-Mur (NAV Shift Lead) "Spider Man"

Eunice Lau (OD) "Queen of Covariance Space"

When one Hi-Def big screen isn't enough

K J Lee (RMDC SSE) Will fix data for Korean BBQ

Cliff Helfrich (MNVR)

Dimitri Gerasimanto (SA) All powerful disk master

TCM-5 Doppler Residuals

TCM-5 Doppler Residuals (navigators never stop eating)

Mark Ryne (OD) The maneuver looks good

Behzad Raofi (MNVR) Mr Null Vector

Brian Portock (Nav Team Chief) Surfer Dude

Lynn Craig (TRAJ/EDL/EDL COMM) Can do anything with SOAP

Sumita Nandi (OD) "Small Forces are my game"

Rob Haw (OD)

Eric Graat (OD) Yeoman of the Guard

Gerhard Kruizinga (OD) Mr Thruster Cal (banished to LMA)

Watching the slews

Brian and Behzad looking at real-time residuals

Huddleing with Nav

Gene Bonfiglio (EDL) Have Hazzard Map, Will Travel

The landing pool is now CLOSED

Mark Garcia (Mission Design Manager)

Tim McElrath (NAV Shift Lead) Wizard and chief NAG person

Ram Bhat (MNVR) No Bridge Too Far

Katherine Nakazono (SA) Paper Doll

Bill Strauss (EDL) Tried to Hide